Six Fraction Bars Math Glasses

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Meals can be an educational adventure with these lovely cylindrical drinking glasses. Solve math problems in a fun way. Liquid inside shows Fraction, Decimal and Percent equivalents! Pour from one to another to add or subtract.

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Product Description

Gift suggestion in People Magazine. The whole family will love these beautiful washable safe glasses! Fractions learning is faster and more fun for kids! Free Applet to use online! Covers many basic fraction concepts, equality and inequality of fractions, as well as fraction addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a memorable and exciting way. Ages 5 through 95! Fractions on the glasses become shaded as you fill each glass. Natural opportunity to ask and answer questions about fractions. “Would you like a half a glass or a fourth?” See how quick kids learn. Percents and decimals included for extra excitement! Can be used with juice, milk, dry rice. Nine ounce size is great for class or home. Click here to Print Your Own customized questions!
They arrived today and they are the cutest things ever! I am certain my daughter’s second grade teacher will love them. I even kept a set for myself. What a wonderful gift idea!
-Lauren F, from VA

“My kids love these cups.”

Milk and juice sold separately.

Sturdy 9 oz BPA-Free Plastic.



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