Fraction Bars Starter Set 1-2


Fraction Bars Starter Set for efficient fun education in fundamental fraction concepts – grades 1-2 or earlier in many cases. From start to finish lessons and games make learning fractions easy and enjoyable!

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Great for small groups. Includes Fraction Bars Teacher’s Guide for Grades 1-2; Fraction Bars Teacher Resource Package for Grades 1-2; one deck of Fraction Bars; 5 Fraction Bars Bingo/Small Step Race Activity Mats; Two Fraction Bars Math Glasses and Fraction Bars Game Markers. Bright clear colorful fun and educational. The Starter Set is designed as an introduction to fractions. The Grades 1-2 Fraction Bars Teacher’s Guide contains complete information for teaching readiness for fractions at these grade levels. The first six of the nine Grade-1 lessons use only whole numbers and colors to describe fraction concepts. The Grade-2 lessons continue the Grade 1 lessons and contain the following topics: basic concept of fractions, equality and inequality of fractions, measuring with bars and number lines. Also see the larger kit:Fraction Bars Class Center Grades 1-2. At least one extra deck of bars suggested for each additional four students. Kids learn this geometric introduction so fast and easy that some educators do not realize the amazing advantage it gives them next year!


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