Fraction Bars Starter Set 3-4


Fraction Bars Starter Set to move smoothly through fraction concepts including addition and subtraction suggested for grades 3-4 or earlier.

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Great set for small groups. Includes Fraction Bars Teacher’s Guide Grades 3-4; Fraction Bars Teacher Resource Package Grades 3-4; one deck of Fraction Bars; 10 Fraction Bars Activity Mats (Five Bingo/Small Step Race, and Five 8-Bar/Capture mats); and Fraction Bars Game Markers. A great starter set of Fraction Bars(R)! Bright clear colorful amazingly fun. A timeless experience. Everyone is drawn in to the excitement and more easily learns concepts integral to fraction understanding. Contains instruction for the following topics: basic concept of fractions, equality and inequality of fractions, relationship of fractions, decimals and percents, introduction to addition and subtraction of fractions, measuring with number lines and rulers, mixed numbers, rounding, multiplication of fractions times fractions and an introduction to probability. Lessons are followed by masters that are designed for students to complete in class. Program components, such as Fraction Bars, Fraction Playing Cards, games, activity mats, and worksheets, are referenced at point-of-use in each lesson. At least one extra deck of bars suggested for each additional four students. Also see the larger Fraction Bars Class Center Grades 3-4.


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