Starter Set Grades 5 to 8 Fraction Bars

Fraction Bars Starter Set 5-8


Starter Set for Studies including fraction Multiplication and Division made easy! Grades 5 to 8 or sooner. Features Fraction Bars. Advance understanding of fractions with more fun and ease.

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Product Description

Perfect for small groups. Includes Fraction Bars Teacher’s Guide Grades 5-8; Fraction Bars Teacher Resource Package Grades 5-8; one deck of Fraction Bars; 14 Fraction Bars Activity Mats (Five Bingo/Small Step Race, five 8-Bar/Capture, Two Number Line, and Two Tower/Dots mats); and Fraction Bars Game Markers. Bright clear colorful materials bring fun and fast learning by merging exciting and educational concepts integral to thinking and learning with playtime energy and enthusiasm. Grades 5-8 Fraction Bars Teacher’s Guide contains complete teaching information for fractions. There are 4-6 lessons for each of the following eight topics: basic concepts, equality, inequality, the four operations, and Fractions-Decimals-Percents. Thirty-four games for use with Fraction Bars and Fraction Playing Cards are at the end of this guide. These are followed by a section of masters for augmenting the lessons. At least one extra deck of bars suggested for each additional four students. Also see the larger Fraction Bars Class Center Grades 5-8.


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