Fraction Bars Party Pack

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Great fun and gift for head start into fractions. Learn fractions with every glass while playing the exciting educating games!

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Party Pack features:

  • Two Math Glasses
  • Deck of Fraction Bars
  • Four Fun Games
  • Glasses Question Sheet
  • Customized Glasses Questions

Makes fractions easy and exciting with intriguing questions and Fun Games. Includes a deck of Bars for educational play. Kids build the excitement and desire to win, and motivation to learn alongside. Increased adrenaline from playing makes more lasting memories that can help throughout life. Free Applet to use online! Find how the Fraction Bars on the glass become shaded as you fill the glass. Natural opportunity to ask and answer questions about fractions. “Would you like a half a glass or a two-thirds?” Percents and decimals included for extra excitement! Can be used with juice, milk, dry rice. Nine ounce size is great for class or home. Click here to Print Your Own customized questions!

  • I love teaching fractions using Fractions Bars and my kiddos love learning fractions with Fractions Bars. – L.K.
  • We gave the glasses to my niece on Saturday for her birthday. The family loves them and uses them everyday.
    -Brenda S., from TX
Gave it to my 8 year old niece yesterday – she loves the set. Thanks!
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Milk and juice sold separately.

Sturdy 9 oz BPA-Free Plastic.

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