Notes on Common Core

Fractions and Decimals have been around a long time. The fundamental mathematics remains the same regardless of new specific outlines for presentation. With that in mind, we have guides showing alignment with CCSS specifications, and “Pre-Core” guides that do the same excellent job of teaching with manipulatives and fun techniques that have worked great for decades!

Fraction Bars and Decimal Squares materials were created in the 1970’s and still at the forefront of the best methods available. As kids learn fractions and decimals with Fraction Bars and Decimal Squares, their skills may well exceed CCSS requirements.

The math has not changed and neither has the amazing ability of these fun approaches to build motivation for learning and excitement to enhance concept retention. We will continue carrying both types of guides that show how the Common Core is fully covered by our framework of visual and conceptual education to make these often difficult areas relatively fun and simple.

In one way, the CCSS situation is simple. The SAT is now being written by one of the common core developers. Children WILL be responsible for the concepts. Fraction Bars programs have taught these concepts for decades! Knowing that this material has helped thousands including bringing under performers well above par in Fraction and Decimal understanding, and well above the bare minimum CCSS requirements makes it a clear choice for any educator.

If CCSS represents the minimum standard…

The top home run hitters aim not at the fence, but way over it! Why wait till the last minute when the long term savings and benefits can be seen quickly with six year old children. You can watch how the concepts can be used without any of the usual terminology. Thus WHEN the nomenclature is brought in, later, students have understanding and comfort.

Excellent demonstration video of fractions with six-year-old kids handling concepts that will boost test scores in All future levels. – Why not get them started early and avoid the possible panic later.

“Common Core will not have as much of an effect on the top, over-performing schools, which far exceed Common Core’s standards. If those children are already performing well in math, they may take classes early and stay ahead of the curve.”

For either folks using the CCSS or the Previous Materials, the Fraction Bars and Decimal Squares products will continue to be a best way for students to learn the concepts easily and excitedly giving preparation for life’s future testing challenges.

Thank you!

“Students’ lack of fractions understanding has been cited as second only to word-problem difficulty as the top handicap for students learning algebra, in a survey of a representative sample of 1,000 algebra teachers conducted by the National Mathematics Advisory Panel…” – Quote from