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About Our Company
We are dedicated to providing the best products with excellent service and speedy delivery to customers around the nation and the world. Our company is proud of our quality service and attention to customer needs.

Our Mission Statement
We will always meet or exceed customer expectations in all aspects of service, while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism. We will offer the best educatonal products only. We will be competitively priced, and provide the best value in the marketplace. We will maintain a friendly relationship with our customers. We will understand and anticipate our customersí needs, and always deliver on our commitments.

We will value and acknowledge each employee as a unique and individual part of the team. We will encourage the continued growth of each team member, professionally, personally and as a member of the community at large. Safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance and will never be compromised.

We will always be a responsible contributing member of the community. We will utilize sound practices to create ecologically safe environments for our clients.

Message from the President
The founders and President of Quality Math Products recognize the value of educational programs and games. We seek understanding of what works and how to find the best. Commitment to our customers has led to high loyalty and benefits to students worldwide. Helping make us what we are today to better serve you and your loved ones.

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Albert Bennett

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Some recent comments…

“Makes Fractions and Decimals so fun and easy, kids will feel like other subjects are hard work by comparison. Was that way for me at least :)”

"The games look wonderful! I played one of them and thought it was excellent! I will tell all of my kiddos and their parents about these games."
"I have had the little cutout from People magazine on my desk since last December..."
"I am giving them  (Math Glasses) in pairs to our 3 families of grandchildren and I know they will enliven many a lunch or dinner conversation.  We don't have any budding mathematical theoreticians (yet) but we do have clusters of wonderful children who think arithmetic concepts are mostly fun and able to induce mighty grins when aha! moments appear."
"I am very pleased to be able to share these clever glasses among them.
Thank you,
~~~~ ~~~~"