Grades 5 to 8 Teacher’s Guide for Fraction Bars


Teachers Guide Grades 5 to 8 with several lessons for all the topics from basic concepts through division and percents. Worksheets, lessons, activities, fun games and more!

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Fraction Bars Teacher’s Guide for Grades 5-8 contains complete teaching information for fractions. There are 4-6 lessons for each of the following eight topics: basic concepts, equality, inequality, the four operations, and Fractions-Decimals-Percents. Thirty-four games for use with Fraction Bars and Fraction Playing Cards are at the end of this guide. These are followed by a section of masters for augmenting the lessons. All program components, such as Fraction Bars, Fraction Playing Cards, games, activity mats, and worksheets, are referenced at point-of-use in each lesson.
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